Declan Ryan’s Career began in early 2000 in his home town of Chicago. He Field Produced episodic documentaries for WWTW, The Travel Channel, Fox and cinematographer for two successful auto racing documentaries, FOURBANGERS and TRAILER RACER.  After witnessing the wake of Katrina’s destruction, Ryan gathered up his gear, enlisted investors and produced his documentary, “HELLP” in 2006.  Ryan’s directorial debut came that same year with “ULBERT”, an award winning documentary on bipolar disorder.  It later became a standard for education in institutions across the globe.  From 2008 to 2010 Declan produced and shot John Richie’s SHELLSHOCKED, a hit documentary about New Orleans youth and gun violence.


His most recent work involves bringing two feature films, PARANORMAL ABDUCTION and OPEN TABLES to worldwide digital audiences in 2017. He is starting 2018 strong with a February release of a documentary called 42 GRAMS on Netflix, and producing 3 more feature films, GHOST EMPIRE; The Forgotten Story of Harvey Comics and The Tabasco Documentary, the Exploding Hearts and WRAITH (a feature thriller).

Renee Ragucci-Shelton of Riain Rising



Renée Ragucci-Shelton was born in New Jersey and moved to Louisiana to pursue work in film production and development. She studied film in New Orleans and has years of professional experience in nearly all aspects of the industry. Her commitment to the city and to smaller budget filmmaking is a welcome addition to the Riain Rising team.


Her early career was launched by small budget horror films, and it quickly catapulted to mainstream blockbusters. Shelton has since expanded her resumé in local, independent filmmaking. She worked with Declan Ryan on Shellshocked and Rainbows End. Renée has also co-produced numerous live productions and commercials, while also concentrating time on developing scripts in various genres. The last several years, she has been researching and developing projects for New Orleans production companies. Renée brings substantial professional film development experience to the Riain Rising team, along with a passion for seeing original and creative content come alive on the screen.