Riain Rising is an inspired, results-driven media company based in New Orleans, specializing in film project development, production, and sales.  Riain Rising and its partners capitalize on ALL tax credits, at every stage, designed to incentivize investors and creators to fully develop media content in the state of Louisiana.  The mission of Riain Rising is to deliver high quality content through careful investment and thorough planning.


In bringing your film project to Louisiana from out of state in collaboration with Riain Rising, your production will strongly benefit in the following ways:


Tax Credits Offered


  • 30% CREDIT on total qualified in-state production expenditures

  • 10% PAYROLL CREDIT for using in-state labor

  • 3%   QUALIFIED EXPENDITURE for basing production office in Jefferson Parish (County)


43% Total


*Riain Rising will assist in acquiring the above pre-certification tax credits.


*Additionally, Riain Rising can facilitate (if desired) a tax credit pre-certification to garner a financial loan through a Louisiana bank for 25% of total film budget, to be received within 30 days of approved application.


Pre-Production / Production

Riain Rising will facilitate the following:


  • LOCATION SCOUTING using the best local agency personnel

  • PRODUCTION OFFICE rental & equipment setup

  • PERMITS fast-tracked

  • LOCAL CREW hiring

  • CASTING services


By collaborating with Riain Rising, your production will receive the “red carpet” treatment in Louisiana.  We have long-established positive relationships with all the local services and personnel.  Our production will be provided with the best crew and the best services.  Everything we need is a friendly phone call away.  Riain Rising understands filmmaking and we understand New Orleans – we know how to get done what is needed while saving time and money.  By collaborating with Riain Rising, your production in Louisiana will be executed smartly and with great care.